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5 December 1988
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  • eiji_torishishi@livejournal.com
Thanks to mlina who help me about the layout! (^-^)

Hi! I'm eiji_torishishi-desu~! 18 years old!

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu~

I'm an Argentinian girl, of Japanese descent (4th generation born in Argentina), who lives in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. With my parents, one big sister and a little brother. Two pets: Pop'sy and Arsenie Toderas (I call it like one of my favourite singer from "O-ZONE" boyband).

What's more??? everybody says I'm a happy girl, trying to cheers up, sometimes capricious (xDDDDD)... sweet and innocent (?)... (xDDDDDDD)... cheerful... crybaby... open-mind... whatever...

I'm a fashion girl, I like fashion (Carson you're my idol!!!!!!!!)... that's why "QUEER eye for the straight guy" is one of my favourite tv programs (x3333333)

I love when I'm with my family and friends (x33333)!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

All quiz always tell me that "I'm uke"!!!!!!!! (xDDDDDDDD)....

Hobbys???: Dance, sing, draw, go out with family and friends...

Anime: at the moment (and forever) "PRINCE OF TENNIS"... "YAOI" (^@^)
Since I like real japanese drama, I don't watch anime like before... I like it, but (for example) I prefer a serie where Kenken acts than a anime with a lot of bishounen...

Tv programs: Queer eye for the straight guy, Gilmore Girls, E.R, The O.C, Everwood, Will & Grace, Globetrekker, Marry with Childrens, The Nany, Top Chef, American Next Top Model, C.Q.C, Algo habrán hecho por la Historia Argentina, Prision break, Mauricio y Eduardo, Amigos in house, Supernatural, Queer as folk, Medium, Ghost wishper

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by me (^___^)

Thanks for this presents!!!!! (x3333333333)
from soraironoinu to me (x33333333)

from uranaikko to me (x3333333)

from nabichansaotome

from aiosamibl

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Kamakari Kenta and Date Kouji are ♥.

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Sota is love!

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omae to ore to wa GOLDEN PAIR!
Golden Pair is inseparable love

made by me (^_^)